Sydney – SKYTEAM

Project: Skyteam Lounge
Location: Sydney, Australia
Client: Skyteam
Credits:Credits: MSA & Brand-Image
The design of the lounges represents the brand and its philosophy. SkyTeam wants its lounges to be experienced as a warm, inviting and inspirational environment, setting a travellers mind on something else than a hectic airport environment.SkyTeam aims to treat every passenger with a high level of service, but at the same time to treat them as human beings. SkyTeam believes that traveling enriches your life and that people who travel for work are privileged to get to know the world. Next to doing business in-between travelling, SkyTeam believes that the mind and the body have to be in balance and stimulates that by offering “mindfulness” lounges.Mindfulness for SkyTeam means consciously bringing awareness to the here and now experience with openness, interest and receptiveness. Getting connected with yourself and enjoying the moment wherever you are on the world.