Guggenheim – Helsinki

Project: Competition Guggenheim
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Client: Private
Credits: Mass Operations | Parc
The new Guggenheim Helsinki avoids the trap of the white box and proposes to meet those challenges with a flexible Public Base – including shops, lecture hall, auditorium, café, restaurant, education spaces and open unprogrammed spaces that can accommodate large format art works and performances based initiatives – and the Maze Tower – manifested as flexible array of gallery types organized around a central atrium that functions as a hinge point between the base and the tower where public programming and exhibition forge a new dynamic relationships between the public, education and art.
The organization of the Maze Tower allows for both open permeable traditional galleries, dark intimate immersive environments for new media art work and a smaller suite of galleries intended for performance based or non-traditional art. The extra deep floor section of the Maze Tower contains a channels for electrical and IT access. The Maze tower can also be navigated by the Guggenheim App which uses GPS to direct visitors through the galleries while providing users in-depth information on particular works through 3D imaging and scanning technologies.