PPL – London T5 Lounge

Project: London Airport Lounge
Location: London Heathrow Int’l Airport
Client: Plaza Premium Lounge
Credits: MSA
Construction: Private
Year: 2017

Inside The London T5 Lounge, relax, recharge and reboot with a host of services and amenities designed to anticipate travelers’ needs. The design concept begins with three key elements:

– Focus on the “wellness” for travelers
– “Locally” inspired architecture
– Joy of discovery

These three concepts are translated into spaces where passengers can relax via the engagement of human senses in spaces which intersect the concept of the lounge lifestyle and the ideal contemporary luxury residence and home away from home. Emphasis on local landmarks and travel related inspiration images integrate into the overall lounge architecture providing a sense of joy and discovery. Carefully designed pockets of greenery throughout the lounge give a soft and relaxing overall feel.

Extensive design thought was applied to furniture shapes and design for this lounge. We endeavored to craft spaces to create a “home away from home” living room feel for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Passengers can enjoy a wide variety of seating configuration. Special attentions to growing needs of passengers include a new concept of charging pods available for use.